Blue Cut Robbery

As a kid, I grew up hearing my Dad play a lot of folk music around the house.  That gave me my first taste of the power of a great song.  
But then I heard Guns N' Roses for the first time. It was on a jukebox in a West Virginia pizza joint at age 6 and I remember thinking "I want to do THAT." That moment is the origin of The Blue Cut Robbery.  I have musical bipolar disorder and I've come to terms with it.  The Blue Cut Robbery is straight ahead, proper rock'n'roll.  It's heavy, it's riffy, and it's just 5 guys in a room having a blast playing the style of music we all grew up on.  It's all Zeppelin derivative, drums/bass/guitar, straight-to-tape rock music.  No computers.  No click tracks or metronomes. No bullshit.  This project allows me to let that side of me loose and see what happens when me and the boys just have it out. 

Hope y'all enjoy it.
- MM